Workshops in bookmaking and bookbinding are available for children and adults.



During a workshop or residency, participants have the opportunity to create a unique book and learn about the craft of bookbinding. Book structures range from traditionally sewn books to pop-ups and origami books. Types of workshops include: pop-ups; tunnel books; flag books, duo-accordion; origami books; pamphlet (hard cover, 2 signatures); concertina; and various exposed spine, multi-signature sewings.

Books such as the accordion and concertina involve no sewing and are an elegant form for stories and illustrations or workshops can focus on production of a blank sewn book for later use. The versatility of books means that all workshops can be designed to fit a particular focus of a classroom, school, library or museum and are easily linked to curriculum. Workshops and residencies foster a sense of creative accomplishment and urge participants to consider themselves and their personal experiences and knowledge as a valuable tool.

For workshop and residency rates and for more information – call 513-524-9211 or email.

Flag Book
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